Smart cat on the prowl (and online)

Trixi SmartcatIn November 2017, researchers settled the age-old debate of whether dogs or cats are the smartest. Dogs are the smartest (sic). They actually have more than twice as many neurons in their brains.

On the bright side, other researchers were able to confirm that cat owners, at least, are smarter than dog owners, and that means something… Among other things, we can help our four-legged friends with a few extra neurons.

Our cat, Trixi, is nine months old and has recently gained access to a cat door, which she uses frequently. The door communicates with an RFID chip in the skin below her neck. This means that she can come and go without other cats or animals entering the same way.

That’s all well and good, but since we are nervous first-time cat parents, we were still a bit unsure about how this would work out. Would she stay out all night? Did she actually make her way back home after following me half-way to the office? And how will it work this summer, when a neighbour will be looking after kitty?

A bit safer

With a Neuron door sensor on our cat door, we have a complete overview on the app and online as regards when our smart cat is out on the prowl. The point of this post is not to launch a new product, Neuron Smart Cat, but rather to illustrate that wireless sensors are a form of technology that make it easy to provide peace of mind and insight where you need it.

Neuron is a complete, wireless, robust sensor system that was originally developed to monitor industrial plants, vessels and power installations. However, there is nothing wrong with also using Neuron to learn a bit more about and have more confidence in the secret life of your cat.

In other words, it’s not about having the most neurons, but rather using the ones you have in the best possible ways.