June 4, 2018

Products and prices

Read more about Neuron IoT sensors. If you’d like to order Neuron sensors, or if you require information, please get in touch. You may also check out our FAQ-section.

Besides the price on sensors, gateways and other equipment, we also charge lisence of 9 NOK per month per sensor. This lisence covers data storage, continous updates, support and access to Neuron Dashboard.

The product info sheets are for the moment in Norwegian only. Sorry about that…

All prices are ex VAT.

ProductProduct typeTypical applicationSample areaSample frequencyPrice
NEURON humidity and temperatureSensor Indoor environment, cooling systems, production areas.-40 to 85 °C
0-100% RH
30. sec749 NOK
NEURON surface temperatureSensorTemperature on cables and machines. Detects overheathing-40 to 85 °C3. sec649 NOK
NEURON water detectorSensor + probeWater leaks0-100%3. sec1249 NOK
NEURON pressureSensor with connectionLiquid and air pressure. Pumping stations, seafood and industry.0-2 Bar
0-14 Bar
10. sec2490 NOK
NEURON open/closedSensor + magnetTraffic/use in doors, clossets and valves. Industry, office buildings, seafood.Open/closed, on/offBy change649 NOK
NEURON lightSensorUptime. Use of rooms. On/off5. sec649 NOK
NEURON PT100Sensor for PT 100 probe (ikke inkludert)*Temperature in liquids and surfaces. Industry. -40 to °C3. secfrom 990 NOK
NEURON high temp Sensor for pt100 probe (pt100 probe not included)Temperature on very hot surfaces. Processing industry. -40 to 650 °C3. secfrom 990 NOK
NEURON dry contactSensor + ledningMotor protection. Run time. Ohm3. sec1190 NOK
NEURON currentDigitalisatorDigitalize analogue signals. 4-20 mA3. secfrom 1190 NOK
NEURON voltageDigitalisatorDigitalize analogue signals. 0-30 Volt3. sec1190 NOK
NEURON mobileGatewaySends sensor data online. Ethernet version available on request. 3490 NOK