December 4, 2018

Sensors for the utilities sector

Substations and pump stations ensure that homes and businesses have safe and good access to electricity and water. Neuron sensors can easily make power plants, substations, purifiers and pumping stations smarter and even safer.

Areas of use

Neuron sensors can help monitor the condition in both substations and pump stations.

For example, sensors that log the temperature directly on cables, pumps and boards can prevent errors. They can also measure the temperature of oil and coolant. A sensor on the door tells if someone has been there, another sensor detects spills and water on the floor. A sensor for temperature and humidity says something about the indoor environment – and the outdoor environment too.

We also have sensors that tell you about the uptime of equipment so you can rest and be assured that pumps and other equipment work when they should.

Save time and money with sensors

Infrastructure for water and energy is often off the beaten path. Sensors delivering real-time views online provide you with a better overview and let you save time, money and the environment by avoiding unnecessary physical inspection of substations, pump stations, and other installations. With sensors, you get the measurement right in your pocket on your mobile and are alerted when something differs from the norm.


Water and electricity are important for social security. Neuron sensors are developed by El-Watch and manufactured in Norway. This means that we have full control and an overview of what is on our circuit boards. This is extremely important today to ensure that correct information comes to the rightful owner without the information being lost or manipulated along the way.

Own gateway for substations

We have developed a separate gateway for substations. In addition to sending measurements from our regular sensors on the internet, the Neuron NSO gateway can be connected to the network analyzer so that you get instant notification of ground faults and other measurements from this instrument in real time. Our gateway sends data over the mobile network independently of the operator.