New sensor makes lorries safer and smarter

Norwegian technology company El-Watch AS has developed a new system for monitoring lorry tyres in real-time. The system consists of a brand-new sensor and software.

El-Watch new THS sensor

El-Watch CTO, Tor Øistein Skjermo, presenting the new tyre health sensor.

Installation is quick and simple. The sensor attaches to the inside of the tyre and measures temperature and pressure in real time. The measurements are uploaded to the cloud and saved so that both the driver and vehicle owner can have an overview of the condition of the tyre right now – or yesterday or last summer. The sensor has a five-year lifetime on a single battery. The solution is called Neuron THS (Tyre Health Solution).

The solution for tyre pressure monitoring used on lighter vehicles, so-called TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), is not a good fit for heavy trucks. The number of wheels and distance between them makes it difficult to communicate wirelessly. Valve-mounted sensors also have limited lifetimes, as lorries wear out tyres quite quickly.

Reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear

This solution has been thoroughly tested on lorries in the Nordic countries and Southern Europe. Many vehicle owners who participated in the testing report that they have avoided downtime because punctures were discovered earlier.
“This solution bolsters safety and predictability, while also reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary tyre wear,” says El-Watch CEO Kjetil Halle.

IoT provides knowledge for development

The concept IoT – internet of things – refers to things connected to the net, transmitting information about themselves and/or their surroundings. Apart from early warning for potential problems, detailed data about tyre pressure and temperature can be compiled along with measurements from other sensors and vehicles, thus providing better insight into driving patterns and consumption. This flow of data will play a crucial part in the development of new, even smarter lorries.

High ambitions

El-Watch has high ambitions.

“In EU alone, about 400.000 new heavy vehicles are registred every year,” says El-Watch CTO Tor Øistein Skjermo. Most of these do not have an online system for tyre pressure monitoring.
“We’re glad that our major focus on IoT is giving us a foothold in the automotive industry as well,” says Halle, who is also announcing that Neuron THS is only the first of a line of new wireless sensors the company is developing.

The solution will be launched in Sweden first, followed by a roll-out in other European countries.