December 4, 2018

Sensors for buildings and real estate

Our sensors provide digital overview and security for all types of buildings in a very simple, cost effective and unobtrusive way.

Easy to retrofit

Many modern buildings have good control systems for ventilation and temperature. Neuron sensors that measure temperature and humidity allow you to get an even better overview wherever needed, check that existing plants work properly, or simply digitize old buildings.

Better security for owner and user

Temperature sensors on cables, junction boxes and power boards can give notice of deviation and warmth long before fire and dangerous situations occur. NEURON, however, is not a fire warning system, but a system that alerts potential issues at an early stage.

With a sensor that alerts you about water on the floor, you will be notified immediately if you have a leak. Because our sensors have a very good range and long battery life, these sensors can also be built in to provide you with an overview of especially inaccessible places for 12-15 years.

Monitoring things, not people

NEURON is a system that monitors things, not people. For example, door and light sensors can say a lot about traffic and the general activity level of a building or room without compromising privacy.