December 4, 2018

Sensors for the industry

Neuron sensors give value to everything from small production companies to large smelters. It’s easy to get started, you get a gain from day one, and the further possibilities are many.

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Provides better security

Sensors can detect errors at an early stage and prevent accident, downtime and situations that could endanger production and people. For example, a sensor that monitors the temperature of a power cord, engine or pump may notify about heating long before a fire breaks out.

Contributes to economy and the environment

Good use of sensors in combination with industry insights optimizes resource usage and reduces waste. It means more efficient use of energy, materials and equipment – and fewer resources astray.

Faster inspection and better maintenance

When sensors do the job, anyone who needs immediate insight into the state gets it without having someone to log information. Better insight into the condition provides better conditions for planning maintenance. You can also choose to share real-time information and other data from your machine park with other relevant collaborators, such as external service and maintenance companies and suppliers. This provides a unique opportunity to detect mistakes and new opportunities.

Connecting old and new

Different industries often consist of new and old equipment. Very many machines are both 30 and 40 years old and they still do a good job – often side by side with robots and fully automated solutions. Neuron sensors let you easily digitize old equipment.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (also known as the fourth industrial revolution) is about connecting advanced production and digital, web-based solutions to achieve higher productivity, better resource utilization and predictability, fewer errors and – in the long run – discover new opportunities.

This pairing requires sensors. Without sensors, computers have very limited information about the environments, processes, and machines they are set to monitor and analyze. Our sensors build bridges between the physical and digital reality.