November 19, 2018

Your data – where you want

With NEURON sensors, you can easily measure and monitor what’s important to you. The sensors are small, wireless and easy to deploy. You decide where you’ll have your data delivered.

The easiest solution is to use our app or web solution. This gives you access to real-time data and historical performance data in mere minutes. You can also set up sensor groups and alarms here.

Our web solution also features duplex functionality which allows you to change certain parameters, such as measurement frequency.

Need for advanced analysis or sector-specific platform?

If you already have a good system for reviewing and analysing sensor data, you can get measurements from NEURON sensors into your existing system. This also applies if you want more advanced analysis and machine learning based on the sensor data. If this is relevant for your company, we recommend that you forward data from the NEURON sensors to another, more specialised system.

There are a number of different ways to do this – and we would be pleased to assist you or your software provider in getting started.

Integrate NEURON sensors
Your data on our app – or wherever you want. 


You or your software provider can extract Neuron sensor data from our database using API, so you get the data displayed in the system you prefer. Whether this is a job that can be done in your premises or with the software provider depends on the type of solution you use. If you are uncertain, please contact us first.


We can also deliver your data to one of the major cloud services (such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud IoT core, IBM Watson or AWS IoT Core). Contact us and we can set up the proper facilitation. If needed, we can also provide advice and assistance to help you on the receiving end.

Direct to your cloud

This is a somewhat more complex alternative, and it is not something we would initially recommend or offer to the individual user. However, if this is what you need, we will find a solution. Contact us!