June 4, 2018

Neuron IoT sensor starter kit

Digitization is necessary to keep up with ever more complex production systems, buildings, vessels and installations. Neuron wireless IoT sensor starter kit is designed for users that:

  • Would like to get started with IoT and digitization.
  • Require a complete small-scale sensor solution.

Neuron IoT starter kitThe Neuron starter kit is a complete sensor solution that can be expanded to include tens of thousands of measurement points if needed. Neuron Dashboard provides you with real-time overview. You can set up alarms and warnings. You can go back in time to check yesterday’s readings – or last year’s for that matter – and you can download your data if you prefer to analyse it in another program. You can also forward the data stream to another top system using the API.

Neuron IoT kit costs 6990 NOK and includes one gateway, five wireless sensors and a one year licence to Neuron Dashboard.

Choose between:

As well as

  • A Neuron gateway (mobile or ethernet) that transmits the radio signal from the sensors to our cloud.
  • A one-year licence on Neuron Dashboard.

Besides the content of the starter kit, the Neuron sensor solution also include pressure sensors, a more advanced temperature sensor (PT100) and a digitiser that allows you to digitise and upload data from analogue instruments. We work hard to expand our range of equipment with new relevant sensors. Drop us an email if you have any suggestions or requests!

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