Safer, smoother and smarter with wireless IoT sensors

IoT sensors provide a new perspective

Do you have enough information about your production processes, machines, vessels or buildings? Neuron wireless IoT sensors help you saving energy, reducing waste and improving overall efficiency by providing a digital perspective on your physical assets. Our sensors have a battery lifetime of 15 years.
Relative humidity

The RH sensor help you take care of people, animals, buildings and machines.


We have three different temperature sensors: surface, air and PT100.


Neuron open/closed monitors the traffic in your doors and drawers.


Neuron light sensor see whether signal lamps or room lightning is on or off.


Neuron digitalizator digitizes and uploads data from analogue instruments.


The Neuron pressure sensor measures air and liquid pressure.


Robus gateways that transmit data via ethernet or GSM.

Web and app

You get instant access to real-time and historical sensor data online.

Sensor stories

Do you need to know more about your processes, machines and buildings?

Robust technology for important tasks

Neuron Sensors are designed to work everywhere, all the time. The sensors are developed in close contact with demanding customers in the transport, industry and power sectors. An important task for many of our sensors is to take care of people, animals, raw materials and expensive equipment in demanding environments. This means that the sensors must be robust so that they always alert before it goes wrong.